above & beyond anjunabeats volume 10 tour

We headed out to St Louis this past weekend for Above & Beyond at Europe Nightclub in St Louis.  A bit off the beaten path for the usual clubs, it caters primarily to the electronic dance music (EDM) scene in St Louis.

The venue frequently hosts some of the greatest acts in EDM, through a collaborative effort between B&W Productions and Donnie Disco Production that is has been going on for around 10 years.   This combination mixes nicely for a diverse crowd with mostly singular intent, dancing.

We arrived early enough to catch the opening act for this show, but don’t recall who that was.  If anyone knows, post up a note.  He played a pretty good set, with quite a variety of tracks.

Rob Lemon took over to a mostly full house and really got everyone moving.  By the time Above & Beyond took over he had the whole house rocking, and then the place exploded. The entire place was in motion, lasers and other lighting effects emphasizing every beat and breakdown.

We had to cut out early, so only caught half their set.  What we did see was amazing and worth the trip.  With any luck, maybe we will see them here in Kansas City some time.  Failing that, it is back to St Louis. 


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