underground sound 4 - circus of freaks

A quick look at the return to the underground and Shawnee Salt Petre Cave with the Circus of Freaks featuring Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Tommie Sunshine, Spree & ADB, Jackal & Hyde, DJ ESP aka Woody McBride, Computer Club, VJ Benji Ramsey, Baby Anne, Rowland the Bastard, KMFX, Disruptive Patterns, Evol Intent, Doah of the Glitch Mob, Noise Floor Crew, TomFoolery, Unkl Ryan, Panoptic Productions, Karizma, The Dervish, Robin Weber, Nasty Nate, Andy B, DMalley, Deadboy,  Proxxy vs Lantern, Kid Liquid vs Ready, Tommy 'I.C." Guns, Identity, EZ Brothers, VJ Caleb R Wilson, and many others.

photos by brian


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