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Stacey East ~ At the young age of 23, ear and eye-catching DJ Lea Luna has quite a handle on the club scene. She is a lifelong musician: playing keys for as far back as she can remember, and spinning records since she wasn't even of age to get into the clubs (in the underground rave heydey, 1999). When a 16 year old girl begins sharpening mixing skills and stacking up an arsenal of records and CDs that soon in her life, what potential does she already have in the club industry when she turns 21? DJ Lea Luna will tell you. She's already played all over the country at some of the most prestigious clubs and events the commercial electronic scene has.

Last year, her remix sets and her 6-foot-blonde stage prowess handed her the rockstar nickname "bootlegs."Her crowd-shaking mix of big-room club, house, progressive, rock, and retro landed her in the DJ booths of clubs such as Avalon New York and B.E.D. Miami. Not only clubs took notice. She even rocked the stage with Ultra music fest favorite Kevens, as part of his show, and opened for music legends Steven Tyler and Chuck Berry.

"After these past couple of years, I feel like I've reached a level in my artistry that measures up with the best, and I'm ready to own it. I recently added my first name to my former DJ name, DJ Luna. To me, the name Lea Luna symbolizes the final touch. I've completely embodied the artist I've always dreamed of being. I've become the real ME." ...and that she has. Right now she's unleashing her own original music: vocals, keys, beats, and style. Her first release "What's Your Sign," is an electro-house dancefloor masterpiece with Lea Luna's own quirky, sexy lyrics.

It is only days from being released, and is co-produced by Deepsky's J. Scott G., who also worked with Madonna, Seal, David Bowie, and Paul Oakenfold, to name only a few. "I started early, I traveled, I learned, I met people... I went through all kinds of music training, audio school, and this whole DJ thing forever. Now, I've pinpointed my love for this scene, the music, the lyric, my life in general, and art in general. I've defined my strengths, my own unique style, my inspiration, and my goals to a T. It all leads up to this: basically, I've lived my whole life to make this new music ROCK and take it to the stage."

Recently, Stacey East of East Music Group added Lea Luna to the top names in her roster with Frankie Bones, Disco D., and Heather Heart. It's no doubt, Lea Luna has earned the stage, and everyone deserves the experience.


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