october loom

Brent Crampton ~ Omaha, Ne – A monthly dance event with world-beat music featuring DJ's Brent Crampton, Greg Jackson with live percussionist Shif-D and host, Jay Kline. Presenting an original concept in music and dance, the event is geared towards eclectic music while transcending demographics. loom will take place at Espana Tapas Bar (6064 Maple St.) on October 5, from 9 p.m. - 1 a.m., with a $5 cover charge. Community instruments will be available for dancers, and a special late-night tapas menu with drink specials. This month feature’s the loom residents on the mixing board all night long plus live Salsa and Rueda performances by Salserodalante Dancers.

Salsa and Rueda?

From the beat of an African drum and the summer sun-drenched landscape of Cuba came the Afro-Cuban seduction known as salsa. Much of the music at loom is directly inspired by the cultural explosion that followed in Cuba, the Barrio’s in New York, all Latin communities and eventually throughout the world.
As an ode to this dynamic and beautiful music, we’ve sought out the self-appointed Salsa Ambassadors of Omaha, Blandon Joiner and Jennifer Sibley with Salserodalante Productions, to bless the dance floor with their LA-style salsa moves.

In addition, they’ll be performing the rarely seen Rueda style of dancing. Rueda, which means “wheel,” is a fluid and ever-changing type of salsa round dance first developed in Havana, Cuba in the ‘60s by Guaracheros de Regia. Multiple pairs of partners form a circle and perform a choreographed and spontaneous dance which is dictated by a caller who literally calls out and displays hand-signs to instruct the dancers on where to go. From there, anything can happen. Partners rapidly switch, unison hand gestures occur, complicated and flashy dance moves ensue.


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