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Welcome to the new world of Mid-Evil beginning here on with the arrival of Aldrin The Great's New original Progressive Drum & Bass ALbum entitled Imagination. In this his 3rd Album He pulls upon his life long experiance as a musician and his years of DJ skills to combine them with his love for electronic music and drum & bass creating a new sound all his own. When asked why he changed his stage name he replied "I found out there was annother DJ out there with the name DJ Aldrin.

I thought I had come up with an original name when I took it on back in 2000 but I guess not. So now since I perform Live PA I wanted to have a new name for that anyway. So, I asked a few friends what I should change my name to and ended up going with Aldrin the Great. I still get the name recognition I worked so hard to achieve and dont have to worry about using some other DJs name." To co-enicde with the launch of his new album here his website, has also recieved a makeover. You can go there to hear more of Aldrin's tracks, see pictures and videos, or book his Live PA or DJ act for your next event.


(all songs written and produced by Aldrin)

This title's definition is intended to inspire deep listening. Plug in your headphones and go for a ride inside your own imagination. This is the Fuel for that journey. Now you can go to the party of your minds eye and Let Aldrin provide the smooth sounds of his D&B.

Intro - the lights are all off inside the arena as aldrin takes the stage. You suddenly see the lights slowly fade up revealing a stage of your imagination.

Track 1 - Deep In the night - we start out the journey with a classic sounding track featuring an acoustic bass and smooth vocal stylings. Bringing the bass out is the best way to start a party

Track 2 - I Don't Mind - Annother Groove gets underway this one has a slower section where I bring the beat down to half time for a bit. It's like a resting place before the real mind bending Destinations ahead.

Track 3 - It Can Be Done - A simple reminder that whatever you face in life all you have to tell yourself is Yes it can be done. then you can do it. the seering deep Bassline on this track drives you flying at the spped of light across the world below.

Track 4 - The Power - Im sure you all remember that tune from the 80's I've got the power. Well with this track you can have the power to be motivated in any direction. It's gettin kinda hectic.

Track 5 - Goodnight - A deep trancy D&B production Simply putting it all in perspective. Good night indeed. you find yourself becoming lost in the music and the words all melt away. Now WAKE UP!

Track 6 - Sexual Healin - Ahh You know whats up. After Goodnight When we get that feelin we need... well you know the rest. Smooth sounds propell this track through the night. Just hit Repeat.

Track 7 - Sent To Me - I wanted to do a track featuring bjork's vocalsso I snipped a couple riffs from the song hidden place. Here is my new track . I have allways liked Bjorks voice and her productions. Hope you do too.

Track 8 - Aldrin's Crazy Frog - If you are an internet buff you know who the crazy frog is and so this is Aldrins own crazy frog D&B track. the most annoying frog is now available in Drum and Bass. enjoy :)

Track 9 - Whos Bad - By this time you know whos Bad. Aldrins got the beats to keep you goin all night long but we have reached the end of annother journey.

Track10 - Want my love - The final track is bringing down the intensity of the music and preparing us for the ending. The journey is over now but we will allways have the imagination of our minds eye.

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