august 2006 editor note

So, for the cover this month, you get my art work. The person that usually does our flyers was running out of town and didn't have a chance to do it, so I jumped in there and remixed a photo I found of him on his MySpace account.. I don't think it turned out too badly and it was good to do some flyer design again.

The shot here was one that Shaun took of Joe and I, with Nigel Richards at his show last month at the Grand Emporium. I think that everyone had a really great time. I know I did, even though I was runnin all over the place most of the night. Lucky for me, Nigel even allowed us to record his set and has give us the ok to share it on here with everyone! Just click here to download the zip file (110 mb)!! (As of Sept 1, this is no longer available.)

Speaking of downloads, don't forget to check out the download from the opening act for the DJ Monk show. Cold Front definitely has mixed up quite a selection for us and you can download it in the "on decks" column. I'm listening to it right now and totally lovin it. I knew that those guys were the perfect choice to warm the dance floor up for DJ Monk on August 11. Be sure to come out see them live, starting at 10 pm!
Besides our show, there were a lot of other great events this past month. It kicked off with Underground Sound: Back 2 tha Freak in Murphysboro. It looks like Brian had a blast out there and it looked like the party was even bigger than last year's.

After that, there really was not much of anything until Nigel came to town, except the 230th birthday of our country. That weekend was kind of slow in Kansas City, until Monday when The Empire Room exploded with people out and about and partyin hard!

There was finally another rave in Kansas City the very night after our event with Nigel Richards. Held at Balanca's and put together by a collective of asipring talent from the area, it looked to be a pretty good time for short while that Joe could stop in. As well, Aaron came back in to phocas with some great shots of the Grand Emporium and the final night of Fourmation.

From other parts of the country, Brian sent us a lot of stuff from St Louis, including nights with Gene Farris and just yesterday, Donald Glaude at Dante's. Mike

As well, Nathan sent us some shot of what looks and sounds like a couple of really great events in Austin. Be sure to check out the stories that go with the photos; Superman Fire and Proton Sessions!

I'm still waiting on my photographer to get back from New Orleans with shots from Caffeine Hand Cream, but topping the month of photos off from Kansas City was a great show by Pharcyde, as well as a last minute trip to Club NV for dj P. We had great time and it was good hangin out with someone who is most certainly a master of his craft. This is one DJ that you can never get tired of. He always comes to town with more records than he can carry to show off new and interesting mixes and shake the dance floor up with some of his signature work. I always look forward to his return to KC!

Obvsiouly though, I am very much looking forward to the return of another master of the the craft, DJ Monk! This man's reputation precedes him. For most people all you have to say is "Rabbit in the Moon" and they instantly know, but for the rest... check out the event profile this month. There's links to his site and his Myspace, where you can check out his latest work. Get ready to be blown away! You will NOT want to miss this!
I will see you There!


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