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Justin Kleinfeld ~ New York, NY – e-Recal, Recall Records’ new digital community is pleased to announce the North American release of Lodger’s Hi-Fi High Lights Down Low. Perfectly embodying e-Recall’s own fun, creative and communal approach to music, Lodger has created a strong buzz with a unique brand of self-promotion and compelling visual imagery.

Lodger built a strong, almost mythical cult online following (more than 3 million individual visitors to its Lodger.tv website) thanks to its simple but uniquely effective, self-made animation videos. Although the bands website has attracted millions of visitors from around the world, it offers very little in the way of information on the people behind the music. Without proper publicity photos, and with the animation videos as the only visual representation of the band, there is a huge mystery surrounding Lodger. Just exactly who/what is Lodger?

We can tell you that Lodger was founded in 2002 in Helsinki, Finland by singer-songwriter Teemu Merilä. Intended primarily a showcase for Merilä’s songs, the band soon found a unique visual outlet in a striking animated video for the song “Doorsteps,” made by bass player/lyricist Hannes Häyhä on his laptop computer. In 2003, “Doorsteps” was chosen as the best Finnish music video of the year. At the BAF03 festival in Bradford, England, it won the award for best Flash animation. The following year, Doorsteps was one of the highlights of Resfest 2004, a traveling digital film festival that visits more than 35 cities around the world. Yet, that was all just a prelude to the kind of attention the video got on the internet. Interest continued to grow with the release of Lodger’s next video––“I Love Death”––once again featuring the animated antihero “One-Eye”. Lodger’s first album Hi-Fi High Lights Down Low has a sound that matches the band’s videos: hidden underneath the deceptively simple guitar-rock surface are bold melodies and stories unafraid of the big emotions.

e-Recall is the continuation of a proactive step that Recall Records has been taking in the digital space. Through a partnership with iTunes and MTV Europe, Recall lead the successful worldwide release of Guy Ritchie’s 2005 movie soundtrack Revolver in digital-only format. e-Recall has many projects in the works, including the July 4th worldwide exclusive release of L’art De La Nappe - the first album in a new series of compilations from Hotel Costes. Beyond these releases, e-Recall is also a community where members are given access to creative and rich exclusive content such as the lodger sagas, exclusive music tracks, concert footage, mobile content and much more!

About e-Recall

e-Recall focuses on launching artists and projects in digital-only format using creative marketing and distribution tools within the new media environment. e-Recall features exclusive content in the form of free music downloads, streaming video, news, mobile content and a chat/discussion area for Recall artists including Grand National, Jehro, Border Crossing and Thomas Dybdahl. e-Recall also acts as a digital imprint for on-line only releases from new and developing artists, including Junesex, Waterboy, Lodger and Ricardo Villalobos.

In addition to exposing music lovers to the great music of Recall Records, e-Recall also aims to discover the best undiscovered music on the planet – from our own fans. A special "demo" area will allow aspiring artists to upload sample tracks for review by Recall's A&R staff and the music community. The best tracks and artists will be eligible for commercial release via e-Recall.

About Recall Group

Founded in 1997, Recall Group is now one of leading independent record companies in Europe and has developed an exciting roster of artists and soundtracks. Based in Paris, with recently opened offices New York and Toronto, Recall Group is dedicated to releasing a diverse selection of new and established artist albums, from indie rock to electronic to hip-hop to world, alongside soundtracks on its Recall Music For Films imprint. Following successful European releases from Mylo, Brand New Heavies, Lisa Stansfield and The Servant, Recall USA will focus on British indie rockers Grand National, electronic producer DJ Cam, and international singer songwriter Jehro. The company is seen as a pioneer in exploring and developing entirely new expressions of music and image, whether for film, television, advertising, video games or communications and internet technology.

Check out e-Recall.comLodger.TV for more information, or RephlektorInk.com.


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