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Tactic ~ Tactic is the DJ partnership between Ben Fuller and Brent Lippincott aka dj Candlewax. The two came together creatively in late 2002 while both were living in Lawrence, Kansas. Ben was finishing up his journalism degree at KU and Brent had recently returned to the area after completing his degree in music industry management to run the local hip-hop label Datura Records. The two first met as guests on the immensely popular ‘Breakfast For Beatlovers’ on KJHK 90.7 FM, KU’s student run radio station. It was not until Ben invited Brent to play at one of his events in Lawrence that the two realized they had more in common musically than they had previously thought.

Between the two of them, they have explored every aspect of the music industry. Whether it is djing, production, event promotion or running a successful independent hip-hop label, Ben and Brent live and breath music to the fullest.

Tactic was put on hold for the past year after Brent moved to Seattle in July of 2005 to pursue new job opportunities. Both continued to make strides regardless of the distance between them. Within 4 months of living there, Brent had established 3 different monthly residencies at some of the hottest clubs in Seattle, and has been featured multiple times in “The Stranger”, Seattle’s weekly music and culture magazine.

One of Seattle’s most respected music journalists, Dave Segal said, “I wholeheartedly recommend him as a reliable provider of impeccable, eclectic selections. He's adept with hiphop, IDM, dancehall, ghetto tech, post-rock, broken beat, and techno, and maneuvers gracefully between mainstream and underground: seamless segues from Ludacris to Ghislain Poirier and from DJ/rupture to M.I.A. exemplify this skill (from the “On The Decks” mix). Dude should have his own commercial radio program, though listeners may die of shock from the caliber of tracks Candlewax spins with the brash confidence of a DJ with nothing to lose... except your inhibitions.”

While Brent made waves in Seattle, Ben stayed in Kansas City and continued to play all over the region and smash dance floors alongside some of the hottest talent in the nation.

Tactic has never stuck to one genre and never plans to. From the beginning, the ethos was to “play the hot shit” and that meant discarding any boundaries previously held by the two or any dj for that matter. This philosophy has allowed Tactic to play all over the US, alongside an eclectic range of artists from hip-hop pioneers Prefuse 73 and Beans, to techno stalwarts Cari Lekebusch, Dietrich Schoenemann and Jerry Abstract, IDM producers Cex and edIT and most recently, hipster superstars Spank Rock. With Brent’s return to Lawrence in June, Tactic is back.

In honor of the reunion, we are pushing out 2 mixes this month.  Check it out on

"Urban Outtakes"
(Minimal, Techno, Acid, Electro)
  1. Farben – Live At Sahara Tahoe, 1973 – Klang
  2. Mathew Jonson – Typerope – Itiswhatitis
  3. John Tejada – Deep In The Funk – Palette
  4. Acid Test – Test One – Playhouse
  5. Chok Rock – Give It Up – Warp
  6. Tease> Monolake – Axis – Monolake
  7. Sebo K – From S2S – Aspekte Schallplatten
  8. Monolake – Carbon – Monolake
  9. John Tejada & Arian Leviste – Faux Obsolete – Playhouse
  10. Kenneth Graham – Fire, Water, Machine – Immigrant
  11. Geoff White – Etsche – Spectral
  12. Adam Johnson – Traber – Narita
  13. Steve Bug & Cle¢ - Downunderware – Poker Flat
  14. Someone Else & Miskate – Rip It Cookie Muenster
    (Matthew Dear Rmx) – Foundsound
  15. Cabaret Voltaire – Nagnagnag (Akufen Rmx) – Mute

“Off The Broken Path”
(Broken Beat, Nu-Jazz, 2-Step)
  1. Karma -- High Priestess (Jazzanova Rmx) - JCR
  2. Kabuki --Tempest (Atjazz Rmx) – Head2Toe
  3. Tiefschwarz – Nix - Classic
  4. Strike Boys -- Music Is in The Air - Stereo Deluxe
  5. Shur I Kan – Halfstep - Freerange
  6. Dj Abstract – Touch - Tempa
  7. Landslide – Hear My People (Dub Mix) - Hospital
  8. Horsepower Productions – Electro Bass – Turn U On
  9. Eric H. & Dj Joseph – The Task – Iris Records
  10. Beatless – Life Mirrors (Opaque Rmx) - Ubiquity
  11. Fauna Flash – Tel Aviv (Peter Kruder Rmx) - JCR
  12. John Kong & Moonstar – Future Vision (Zero db Rmx) – Fluid Ounce
  13. Dj Abstract – Took My Love Away – Rat Records
  14. High Contrast – Return of Forever (Landslide Rmx) - Hospital
Upcoming Tactic Dates:
07.14.06 - w/ Nigel Richards @ The Grand Emporium - KCMO
07.29.06 - w/ Mad Decent / Diplo Tour
08.04.06 - w/ Walter Meego & Flosstradamus @ The Hangout - KCMO
08.05.06 - Bleeding Kansas Festival AfterParty @ Club Liquid - Lawrence, KS


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