june 2006 editor note

Right before cutting out to New Orleans, I stopped in for a couple friends' graduation ceremony and Sherri snapped this shot of me with the newly graduated! Congratulations and good luck to all of this year's graduates wherever your path leads you!

This month's path lead me to New Orleans for this month's cover story and photo! The trip was exhausting, but I had a really great time, as well as taking a moment to witness the devastation of my "home away from home". Words and photos can't compare to the reality of the situation. Once I finally get a chance to review all of my footage from down there, I'll be posting it up to my portfolio web-site-in-progress next week sometime. Where words failed me though, Sherri picked up the torch and made a contribution this month, with "Bottom of the 9th Ward." Be sure to check it out!

Here on phocas, everyone has provided some amazing coverage from all over the country and we have more planned for the month's ahead! I wish I had time to write about everything that we looked at this month, but sometimes... it really is easier to just look at the photos and see what you missed... or maybe you didn't? :)

This month's topper, Freakfest really was an amazing night, followed up with Gabriel & Dresden at Ampersand! That club, tucked just behind the State Palace Theater, on a Sunday night after one of the biggest parties in the region, this place exploded and they played to packed house until 4 am. I am told that this is nothing unusual for events of this type that are hosted there.
It was a nice room too and the layout kind of reminded me of The Grand Emporium, with it's cozy little alcove, seperate bar and main dance floor.

Speaking of The Grand Emporium, it is undoubtedly recognizeable as one of Kansas City's most important landmarks of music. It has a solid reputation for showcasing some of the best talent seen in the music industry and it just so happens that we will be hosting our next event there on July 14th!

You are not going to want to miss this either! We heard your demand for bigger and better talent! Partnering with Disco Productions, phocas.net invites you to join us in welcoming internationally renowned DJ, Producer and Recording Artist Nigel Richards (NigelRichards.com - 611 Records - Philadelphia, PA). This will be his first time back to Kansas City since his headlining performance at Chaos Theory 2 that rocked your world!

That's not all and it doesn't stop there. We are going to do this every month, on the 2nd Friday. In fact, we already have a lineup of world-class talent that is going to blow your mind! Better get some new shoes ...

and I'll see ya on the dance floor!


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