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Brent Crampton ~ Omaha, NE - Ultramusique.com presents Turntable Tutorial on March 9th, with Ted Shred at the Goofy Foot (1012 S. 10th St.). Opening act will be Brent Crampton, with music starting at 9 p.m. until 1 a.m.

One of the original mash-up DJ's of America, Shred takes quirky bits of music, retro rock tracks, pure hip hop and breaks, and miraculously mixes them together with blends, scratches, tricks and quick cuts. Using the turntable as an instrument in itself, rather than just a tool to play other people's music, Shred tears down the limits of music compatibility. Having played in many parts of the world, Shred's notoriety goes beyond the DJ booth. Having been homeless, a cowboy, skater, and ran for mayor at different chapters in his life, his philosophy on life is a direct reflection of the way he plays his music.

His off-the-wall taste in music mash ups may be best edified in his duo, "Tribe vs Spider Man," where he plays a Tribe Called Quest song while mixing and scratching the Spider Man theme song on top. You can check it out on his Myspace page!

A mash-up DJ is a genre of jockey's that take any and all forms of music and mix them seamlessly to create entire new songs and compositions once thought impossible by the conventional DJ. A Lords of the Ring symphonic anthem atop a traditional break beat? Classic rock jams mix-matched with instrumental hip hop tunes? In this form of post-modern DJ'ing, all boundaries are being thrown away.

As part of the 4-week Turntable Tutorial Class for beginning and novice DJs, taught by Brent Crampton, Shed will be brought in to Omaha to conduct a demonstration for the students. Since we're bringing him to town, we thought it would be a good choice to share Shred's abilities for the rest of the public at no charge. So despite the epic talent of Shred, this night at the Goofy Foot will be free of charge!
Ted Shred

San Francisco/NYC based DJ, Ted Shred, has played records across the US, in Japan, Germany, and Puerto Rico. He has opened up for Nirvana, Cypress Hill, The Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, 3-11, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Sublime, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Fear, Mix Master Mike, and was the first DJ to scratch records with Primus in the early nineties.

While he appeals to your average club go-er, his vast knowledge of music and his attention to detail would impress any serious music lover. Finding it compulsory to antagonize popular music with mischievous and rare samples, like commercial ads or rock anthems, he adds a level of humor to music with very serious undertones. Going beyond your average mix, he develops entire narratives with his records. One might even find a moral subliminally stashed within the story.

Having been an unofficial mediator as a teenager, between homeless teens, including himself, and city officials, he made changes and turned heads wherever he went. He has played in punk and metal bands, was a young cowboy, a skater, and has been riding bikes throughout. He even ran for mayor of Chico (and came in close enough to make the town squirm). Ted Shred has lead many lives that inform his music today.
He has received reviews in magazine such Sassy,Thrasher, New Look, Art Forum, Blast (Japan) and Pulse.
He recently finished shooting a short film, produced by New York based Brendt Barbur for the Bicycle Film Festival called “Bomb Bay,” where he was filmed bombing the hills of San Francisco on a bike with no brakes.

Ted is currently working on his fourth album, called Ted Shred Volume 4, and volume 1 of a top secret musical gem to be released very soon.


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