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I hate to say it, but all the music people that have been hibernating all winter are waking up from their studio comas and are gonna be restless. Looking for an outlet for all this new creative energy, we are lucky that there are activities for the jet set party crowd. The beats keep coming and with the advent of spring, WMC is around the corner. For those of you who don’t know, WMC (Winter Music Conference) in Miami Florida, check it out at

This conference is in it's 21st year of existance. It has so much to do with the electronic music culture I would need so much space to describe to you the talent, gear, and vibe that goes on there. Expo's, trade shows, demos, networking, festivals, partying, and so much more. And if you do go down there, check out the Ultra Music Festival too. This is the big one of the year, check it out at

Artist Site:

If you are a big fan of smooth progressive beats like I am, you should check out
This duo is one of my favorites and I’d love to see them come to the Midwest. But in the meantime I’ll just keep getting the tracks they put out and spin them for you.


Closer feat. Linn – Jose Amnesia – KYR Records 

This three track wonder from Jose goes deep and stays there. The Dub Mix hints to a sensual vocal track with a hauntingly emotional hook. With just a little more flavor, the Vocal Club mix takes it one step further with all the words to get the ladies singing, and yet, it too stays on the deeper side. But if you drop the In Deep Space Mix, be ready to close your eyes and take a marvelously deep daydream. This stuff is so far into your subconscious before you know it.

Coldharbour Selections #9 – Coldharbour Recordings

One of my personal heroes, Markus Schulz, brings a few new tracks from artists on his label. Tonic – Kenneth Thomas, is a growler. One of those deep grungy tracks with a floaty melody that drops in and out at all the right places (SMOOTH!!!). Valley Cruiser – Opticane, is a synth lovers feast. With layers upon layers of synths hypnotizing you softly, we understand if you start drooling. Finally, My All – Shawn Mitiska & Jose Amnesia, dark and lovely just isn’t a hair product, it’s also a perfect way to describe this last track. This falls somewhere in between the last two, dark and synthy.

Horizon (Original & Mac Zimms Remix) – Substate – Liquid Recordings
Mac Zimms kicked much techy ass before dropping it into an epic synthy breakdown. These two tracks are just what the doctor orders call for. If you have been sick and bed ridden, put this on and in no time you’ll have a new lease on life.

Must Have Been A Dream – Scott Mac & Drax – Surface Recordings

There are six mixes of this bad ass bastard out there. Riley & Durant, Mac Zimms, and Dj Choose all put there intellects to good use in remixing one of the biggest new anthems out there. Let me put it another way, These are the weapons the big boys are packing in their record bags. Get yours and blow the competition away.


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