february 2006 editor note

Between the fact that Fourmation kicked off with a really good start and one of the resident's, JFortune, is featured in this month's "on decks" and the fact that I really liked the artwork, I decided to use a portion of their February flyer for February's cover (artwork by ForestAlien). That night is on it's way to becoming the very best Drum & Bass night in Kansas City.

Headed up by Four Corners, they aren't holding back at all, serving up some of the finest in regional and national DJs on the first three fridays of every month. Not only that, they got a built in chill lounge with some fine KC jazz. Drum & Bass & Jazz all in one spot. It doesn't get any better, so if you're in town, drop in and check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Dropping in is definitely one of my favorite pastimes too. The photo in this column (taken by Joe) was a Monday or two ago when I dropped in on The Empire to visit my good friends Shannon & Bridget, who will be featured again at an opening entitled "Rage Against Apathy" at The Graffiti Room (39th & Broadway) in KC for this First Friday in February. Drop in and check it out!

Overall, January was kind of a slow month though. There just didn't seem to be anything truly spectacular going on last month, so we took a breath and got our thoughts in line on how to approach the springtime festivities that are sure to be every where. There is a lot of really good things comin, but you may have to drive a little ways to get the really good stuff.

O! I almost forgot. We're giving you a little Valentine's treat this month! We will have a couple of very special guest appearances on Valentine's Day at our weekly event, PHATuesdays. We might even have to charge a little bit of a cover, but I guarantee it will be worth it... so, mark your calendar... and I'll see you then!


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