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intro by Brent Crampton ~ photos courtesy of ~ Jon Jon and Nawna B make up the duo of Breakfast Klub Productions. Based out of Wichita, Kansas, these two are loving house music, and each other in marriage, until death do them part. How often does one come across a married couple that can come home at the end of the day and tag-team house records together? And considering that these two are the only ones in Wichita playing that boompty/chunky/funky kind of house music, these two deejays make quite the couple. As to overlook their individuality and just group them as a pair, I had them work together to share with the top ten records they are playing at the moment. In their own words, here is what they are playing and why.

Kill Hannah – Kennedy – DC mixes - CMC - The vocals are killer, and the track just rocks the socks. We first heard it when Lance Desardi dropped it at Frisky.
Marmelade feat. Karine – Lullabies – Alex Kid Club Mix – Missive - Great acidy work with a sultry, sexual vocal that makes you hump the dance floor.
Lavish Habits – Dance Wit You – Select - Simple bassline, Mos Def vocals, and it is great to move some ass to!!
Dimitri – Infatuation – Tweekin - Killer bassline and very boompty-boomp. Shawna got the record with a scratch on it. Such is her luck, but she still plays the shit out of it.
Clyde feat. Capitol A – Serve it up – (brooks hip house mix) - Mantis - Heard the song on a Pat Nice CD and was hooked on it ever since. Awesome lyrics! Pheromones rule!
Lawnchair Generals feat Angela C. – Tell you Something – Westbound - This song has always made our asses move on that dance flo’. Sexy female vocals.
Kaskade – Steppin’ Out – Jason Hodges Mix – OM - Reminds us of each other!! Isn’t it b-e-a-utiful and sickening all in one?
J Rod & Pat Nice – Peter Pan (Land Shark Remix) – Pin-up - Doesn’t everyone feel this way every once in awhile? Reminiscent of how things use to be before we had to grow up. Jon says, “Catch you on the B-side, Pat!”
Demarkus Lewis – Crown Royal – Brique Rouge - To Shawna, this song makes her smile. It has a fantastic female vocal and she has danced to this song on more than one occasion. Makes Jon feel all tingly on the outside.
The Human League – Don’t You Want Me - This old 80’s tune has been remixed and reworked and is an oldie but a goodie.
For more info about these guys, check out their web site


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