solaris august 2005 techno

Techno DJ and Producer Solaris is back again pushing the sounds to those in the world that need it most. These are some of his favorite tracks that have pushed their way into his mind this month. Always looking for a way to expand your horizons, in the techno world, check out these tracks and reviews.

Drumworks – Drumworks Collective - DW007
Very dreamy chill techno here. Seeing as I just got back from a trip, nothing suits me more right now than sitting down having a cocktail and chillin’. This track has that, stuff for those perfect moments of the mix of tranquility and bringing in those beats to a comfortable level.

Cardiac Arrest – Various - CARDIAC001
Just what the doctor ordered. A nice hard drilling to get rid of those pesky cavities. It is always better when it hurts. Makes you feel alive. Just like dancing all night, or that root canal. But we like to skip the morphine and go straight to the drilling into your skull.

Orion - Danilo Vigorito - ORION007
Very chewy tune here, something like good taffy, you never get tired of it and it never reallys goes away. Nice and chill with those old 303’s kicking like the Detroit music scene has come back to show us how it started. Im not sure where danny is from but I know he took a page from those collectibles when he did this one.

Ash N Diamonds - WJ Henze - AND002
It seems that I am putting more of a chill atmosphere into this top ten and while I know a few of you are saying about time, you have to get use to the idea that good is good and it isn’t always what you want. This by the way is something you do want. Nice retro feel and kicking the early sets that we know you have been craving.

More Punk Than Funk – Various - MPTF002
Nice step up from the chill tones. Not overpowering but definitely a step in the right direction. Something less than the Raw label, and harder than your adverage piece of New York pine. Good things are coming when you use this to build your crowd.

Ying Yang - DJ Preach & Marco G - YYR010
Very nice tech house tune here! Starts nice and builds to allow you to take it to the next level if you so desire. If you are any kind of self respecting DJ, I would hope you would….anything less would be uncivilized.

Corachi – Various - COR051010
Great rounded out record here. Nice chill tresor like tune to the harder panic attack track that would build a crowd to a frenzy. By no means leave this one out, not only will it round out your collection, but will keep those people working on tearing that speaker wall down.

Fresh Grind - Rowland The Bastard, S Stoll - FRESHGRIND09 –
Very nice! It has been a while since I have seen Rowland, and it is high time he puts this out. Nothing less that what I have come to know from this techno monster. Steve takes it to a minimal level that makes this wax a monster!

Shark - Pounding Grooves & Raw - SHARK007
What can go wrong when you mix these two label greats together? Get on this tip and find out what real builders to your set should be. Keep in mind that the last one is more of a driver and should be handled with care. Just make sure it hasn’t drank to much before going behind the wheel.

Working Vinyl - Andreas Kremer - WV019
I always save my favorite of the month for last, and no wonder it is one of my heroes. Mr. Kramer takes it to the next level and delivers another solid one here! What can I say. If I am the only one who gets this then I should feel luck that only I have the stamina to take it to this level. I know you few who do and well don’t sit around…it will just hurt more when you hear me playing it…


  1. Leaving for Deep Fix now. Hope they still have them in stock. ;O)

    1. haha... just saw this. did they have it? :P


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