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It's another month and another month means more beats, bass, and things that go boom from the speakers. This months reviews again span the wide spectrum of what are break-beats music.

Annie Nightingale (Radio Show) - Thursday Nights/Friday Mornings 1:00am (7:00pm Central USA) Radio 1
For those of you in tune with the global breaks scene or are regular listeners of Radio 1 on the BBC Radio Network, Annie Nightingale should be a familiar name to you. This woman has been around the block and back again, promoting the breaks sound everywhere she goes. Her show is a favorite amongst true breaks heads and for good reason. The who's who of the breaks community all seem to drop by her Radio 1 studio every chance they get; Hyper, Kid Kenobe, The Chemical Brothers and the list goes on. New tracks fresh of the composers computer, combined with the freshest mix sets and interviews make for one helluva show. Their are many breaks shows from all over the globe that you can tune into on the web, but if your looking for the freshest music, check out Annie Nightingale.

NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk (Web Site)
Last month I mentioned NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk (NSB) in my write up about Bijoubreaks.com, and this month I decided to actually write them a proper review. NSB has been around for a minute now always providing the latest info for true nuskool breaks lovers. NSB contains reviews, interviews, live radio feeds, dj charts and much more straight out of the UK where Nu Skool Breaks first found a home in the likes of Adam Freeland and Rennie Pilgrem. Although the Nu Skool sound is always evolving and changing, NSB will probably be right there pushing the new sounds on and into the future.

Kemek aka The Dope Computer - Super Rockers (Dj Single)- forthcoming release on Fiberline Audio
What more can be said about Kemek that hasn't already been said on hundreds of other web sites, radio stations, magazines and other media formats? His latest single Super rockers which is to be released very soon on Fiberline Audio (www.fiberlineaudio.com) is soon to be a breaks anthem. Kemek seems to possess production skills that exceed the average human being and Super Rockers is proof. A heavy beat mixed with rasta type vocal samples combined with well placed and well tuned synth lines make the song really stand out on its own, but then that deep and smooth bass line that follows the lead synth to a t comes in and makes the song even better. Super Rockers also contains well placed snares and hats, as well as perfectly tuned 303 lines. This song is already being charted at #1 by myself and several other dj's in the breaks community. Look for it soon on FiberlineAudio.com, Beatport.com and other digital retailers.

Lee Coombs - Shiver (Plump Dj's mix) (Dj Single) - Finger Licken Records
For those of you who have been into the breaks sound for awhile, Lee Coombs should be no stranger to you. His first releases on Finger Licken back in the mid and late 90's are certainly considered classics now, and each new production work that comes out of his studio these days seems to be just a little bit better then his last one. For his latest piece of production work “Shiver” the Plump Dj's have stepped in and given him one of their takes on his song which I must say is a very energetic breaks tune that will be sure to leave your dance floor begging for more of the crisp vocal samples, wicked bass lines, and hard hitting beats. The Plump Dj's as some of you should know from my previous reviews cant seem to do anything wrong with their work, and when they get the chances to rip a fellow producers song to shreds and then piece it back together for their own interpretation, well its always something to hear. Pick up Shiver at your local music dealer or online.

NuBreed & Luke Chable - One Day (Poxy Music Instrumental) (Dj Single) Vicious Music
This one unlike many of my singles reviews is more on the progressive tip. Even when known breaks heavy hitters Poxy Music step in to give the song their re-work, we still have a deeper more progressive single with nicely placed bass and synth lines. This song is one of those perfect fits for right in between your set when your trying to calm the crowd down a bit before laying on the energy again. Nice little melodies and a wicked breakdown in the middle that seem to lay on some old skool types beats are what really put this song together. Although I wouldn't recommend it for peak of the night performances, its still a nice tune that should work well with most everything in your crate in some fashion or another.


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