june 2005 editor note

Spring has definitely kicked in to high gear, hasn't it. There have been a lot of interesting things going on. The month started off really great with a visit from Miss Kitten and ended Music, Sex & Cookies at The Newsroom. There is definitely a promise in the air of bigger and better things to come over the summer. If you wanna dance, you will definitely wanna be watching the calendar.

The cover photo this month goes to Sarah Bates, for a shot she took while Knowwhere (pun intended) last weekend. From her story, it sounds like I missed a really good time, but the time for camping is coming soon enough for me here in just a couple of weeks at MidWest Freakfest. That's gonna be a good time. A lot of folks have been comparing it to Caveman last year, but I think there's a different group of folks doing things this time. It is sure to be something to be a part of.

Things are picking up pace though. There are so many great things going on this month in photos and stories that it's hard to tell sometimes where exactly to start talking about it. The photo for this column was a shot that Sherri took while we were in Lawrence, KS briefly for Cyclone featuring Donald Glaude. I'm pictured with DJ and friend Manders. She is definitely one my favorite KC House DJs.

There have been some interesting peeks into other parts of the country added to the site, like Freakfest in New Orleans, Unify in New York, a three day, three venue event. Beach Club Sundays have started up again and there are some really fun things that are being planned there, so stay tuned, or just come down and hangout. That has got to be the best thing to don on a Sunday night. You can even play volleyball in the sand if you want.

Have a wander through this issue. We've got some new writings and reviews. On Decks rocks so far. I'm 20 minutes into it and I'm boucin in my chair. What's he sayin? Techno Pops? Is that like Corn Pops, but made out of Techno?

See you on the dance floor!

todd aka ~phocas~


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