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forward by Brent Crampton ~photo by Lunatik ~ This month’s On Decks edition is bringing you a taste of the old school acid house sound courtesy of DJ Lunatik. Lunatik has been bangin’ electronic music in the Midwest for over a decade. Considered a staple in the Omaha scene, Lunatik has done it all. Whether it be throwing events with international talent such as H-Foundation and Frankie Bones or signing talent to his record label, Wreckless, Lunatik is a mad man of ambition. His newest mix, Room 303 is sure to bring those reminiscent feelings of the acid house days while simultaneously displaying forward-thinking aspects.

On the Decks gives the DJs themselves an opportunity to explain the feelings and progression behind the mix. Below are the words of Lunatik taking you guided tour while you listen to his mix.

Imagine it’s 1988 in a dark warehouse. Your spine is tingling, the sweat is dripping and your mind is tripping on the sound of acid house. While your body is jackin and your brain is crackling back and forth in time. Fast forward now to 2005 and things come full circle. That little silver box, whose presence was ignored, given reverence, despised and revered again, creates noises that moistens your mind. Room 303 is that warehouse and this music evokes similar sensations. Current tracks that jack you back!

Track listing:

Jack the Box – Kiko – Gigolo
This tune seemed like the perfect beginning to this mix. This track, although a current Gigolo release, is a flashback to the old skool feeling that this set aims to evoke. The vocal rhymes are reminiscent of “Jack the House” with a simple synth and drum pattern. Kiko is a solid producer, with this being an interesting diversion from his usually electro-fied sound.

A Jackin Freak – Acid House Obsessions – brique rouge
I think that the percussion spices up this tune. The “house music” background sample over the slowly-evolving 303 line work well with the percussive elements. When the open hi-hat comes in, the track is set into forward motion.

Jackin Fer Beatz – DJ ESP – Pro-Jex
The distinctive element in this track is the deep sub-bass drum sound that gives this tune a throbbing pulse. With the higher pitched synth speaking analog over a mid-range acid line, the familiar theme of “Jackin the Beatz” resounds endlessly. ESP is a rock star.

Better Than You – Mr. Negative
Pitched down vocals with a non-politically correct message. What is there not to love? I chose to turn to the dark side of the force when selecting this track. Although the instrumentals are not inherently evil, the selfish nature of the lyrical cynicism makes you want to punch your mother and spit on homeless people.

Jesus Loves the Acid – Electric Ecstasy Club(Duriez/Djulz rmx) – Bugged Out
Classic X0X drum machine styles give this old skool jam a rework. Complete with the “Aciiieeeed” call to the dancefloor, this tune will rock your warehouse like it is 1988. If you fall asleep listening to this on repeat, you will awake with black rave boogers. Well, almost.

All Depends on You – Starship 727 – Pigna
Another track with great percussion and pitched down house-muzik vocals. When the cowbell comes in, things are in full effect. One for the punters, complete with congas. Mandatory “Jack the House” samples included.

Woman Beat Da Man – Gregg f/Lotus & Carbon – King Kong Records
Slutty vocals and a sputtering TB 303 lead into laid back beats. This track builds like Legos, with the beats teasing the 303 back and forth. When the drum line thins out into a semi-break beat you take the needle out of your arm and begin to nod out. You are awakened by a dirty onslaught of sonic decimation. While not quite the brown frequency, its approximation makes you rush to the bathroom, bowels in a blaze. That ancient vibe is thrust into the future when the drums slam back into a noisy cacophony of acid delirium.

No 303 – Soul Mekanik – Music For Freaks
With the sonic architecture of this mix set resembling a topographical map of madness, the ebb flows into this aural morsel. The conversation contained is a one-sided nerdfest which offers insight into the world of dance music producers. Kind of. In this modern day land of Fruity Poops and tRreason cut and paste production, it is refreshing to hear the pale skinned, dungeons and dragons, basement dwelling sounds of somebody blabbing about analog gear. Poor guy has everything but a computer controlled silver acid box, Ill trade him mine for the rest of his set up. And throw in a d10 and a 7th level Paladin.

Acid Invader – Kebacid – Blank
Pure madness, angered insanity tracing the shadows of slides and accents. This track begins with fire chasing the 808 kick. An alien acid machine has taken over my mind is experimenting on my body. I kind of enjoy it in a strange uncomfortable way. When it all breaks down, the spaced out, pitch echoed, and modulated synth reminds me how lonely we are in comparison to the entire universe. Paranoia sets in when the random sci-fi/space samplefest in unleashed, and by the time the full beat is in full effect I have asphyxiated by choking on my tongue.

On My Elbows(Hardfloor Remix) – David Duriez – Duriez
Hardfloor has been warping minds for a long time. Serotonin levels are toyed with by astral projection. Neo-Tokyo-techno-Mecca beckons to the half-cybernetic wasted youth jacked into the matrix. The 303 is in awe-inspiring form.

Astridson – JD’s Acid Power – Blank
This confirms it. Insanity is imminent. This track melts minds. Who needs drugs when there is music like this? Psychedelic yet connected, filtered oscillators display a transcendental consciousness.

Keps – Hugg and Pepp – Dahlback
Everything is a buildup for when the dueling 303s wind up and down in succession. They play the same note sequences, but are slightly offset. Dripping down drains, slipping into the subconscious, setting the stage for further debauchery.

Computer Controlled (subject rmx) – Pascal Feos – True to Form Recordings
This begins as a testament to the power of percussion. Some Charles Manson sounding thing is going on in the background. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I know it disturbs me. When I hear the schizophrenic breakdown, I become more uneasy. Then the drum beat slams in. Wicked! What is this? It sounds like a robot abortion.

Sweat on the Walls – John Tejada – Poker Flat Recordings
Here to inject some sanity to the situation, Mr. Tejada tells a story about this wicked party where sweat is dripping from the walls. Everybody is taking drugs and having fun. This tune has a very deep, clubby kind of sound, without compromising the raw integrity of whatever I’m trying to get across here. I like the way it alternates between a high pitched sine wave manipulation and a 303ish acid line.

516 Acid – Josh Wink – Ovum
If you live in Antarctica, there is a chance you might not have heard this track. Otherwise, it needs no introduction. Josh is the man, thrashing 303s since the early 90s. His tracks build to an explosion, which is what happens here. I let this tune kick it for a while before mixing out, because I like the breakdown action with the tripped out stretched vocals.

Flash(Tigas Acid Flashback Mix) – Martini Bros. – Turbo
This track sounds like it is running a marathon. Or perhaps it is swimming the English channel, or competing in a triathlon. One thing is for sure, this track is heavily doped, and should be banned from international competition. I’m surprised the steroids haven’t shrunken its lead-line.

Make Me Feel – Benassi Bros/Dhany (Etienne De Crecyt Remix) – Division
So this is what the radio stations should be playing. Commercial enough to ensnare the zombie masses, yet underground enough to demand street cred from scenesters everywhere(maybe), the acied is here, just under the surface. And your girlfriend likes it.

To The Other Side – Woody McBride – Omniscient Records
303’s under a cloud of smoke, filtered through your mucous membranes. After the top 40 of the last track, this is a refreshing reminder that this is not some cheesy trance radio station you have tuned in to by mistake. This is room 303 baby, where the strippers are sexy and the champagne is always overpriced.

Lost In A Daze – Computer Controlled - ?
I love the thinly veiled 303 mindbend of this song. This is an unreleased track by Computer Controlled(Frantik) from Wisconsin. An awesome Midwest acid head-bender. If you want to learn more about this guy, check out


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