x-pansion tour

premier artists group ~ These world renowned turntablists, formerly known as the X-Men, officially became the X-ecutioners when they made the leap from battle-DJs to recording artists in their own right. The NYC natives started and have led a revolution in DJ precision, showing the world that the turntable is indeed a musical instrument. Possibly the first all DJ band ever, they have continuously dazzled listeners and viewers alike with their unbelievable hand prowess. These New York natives, featured in the underground cult movie "Scratch" (Doug Prey/Scratch Worldwide Media) can count themselves among a select handful of DJs (including their west coast peers the now defunct Invisibl Skratch Piklz) who spearheaded the turntablist movement, by taking the classic hip-hop techniques of mixing and cutting into a whole new realm of musical improvisation.

Founded in 1989 with the intention of dethroning the reigning battle-DJs of the moment, Clark Kent's Supermen, the crew has seen several changes of membership since its inception. With the departure of Rob Swift in 2004 Roc Raida, the only remaining founding member of the original X-Men and Total Eclipse welcomed virtuoso turntablists DJ Boogie Blind (Pharoahe Monch/2000 Vestax World Champ) and DJ Precision (Beatdown World Champ 2002) as official members of the touring group. With its latest members, The X-ecutioners now restructure as a four-man DJ band again for the first time since the departure of Mista Sinista. Watch out for the X-ecutioners new stage show which will bring much needed excitement to the turntable genre touring in support of their "Revolutions" release and their upcoming "Xpansion" mix cd.

Over the years the X-ecutioner's have toured the world many times over and have opened up for Linkin Park and most recently toured with and opened up for Eminem on the "Anger Management" World Tour with Eminem, Ludicris, Xibit and Papa Roach.


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