on decks november 2004

Here's what I have received this month on CD. Get me a copy of yours and we will have a listen and post a thought or three up here. Eventually, we may even create some sort of rating system or something. Until then, this is what's on the street this month!

AC - The Morning After
contact: 666Records.com

More great stuff from the Topeka Chillmaster that recently came down for phlashback! This one isn't just for morning after. You can slip this in anytime you wanna slip away for a moment.
Omen aka Nemo - The Split: An Unfinished Work
contact: omenakanemo@walla.com

J. Phoenix - The Harvest Moon Session
contact: Syde-Sho.com

Selections from :beats: - This bonus 1/2 hour includes 2 unreleased cuts.
J.D. Staley - Gustoh
contact: 816.304.2340

Progressive House with a floaty sort of Trance edge. There were a couple of rough spots, but overall a good selection of tunes.
The Negro Sco - Dante Everglade Vegas Escapades E.P.
contact: addictz@yahoo.com

With beats by Dusty Rythyms and Acument, he's back with a word or two for ya... so listen up! Recorded live in Las Vegas, March 2004.
Brent Scholz - Mix Four
contact: bscholz@mmgworldwide.com

Deep, Sexy House from the dood with the fro that helped rock Union Station at Terror at the Train Station II!


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