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by Brent Crampton ~ photos courtesy of Chicago Groove ~ By creating, instead of consuming, Chicago Groove is pushing house music to new boundaries. Cofounders of the site, David O’Malley, aka david.o, and Ramiro Solis, first conceived the idea for the web site while drinking tequila and expressing their desire to altruistically spread Chicago house music. “Chicago is everything to me, from the best food, the skyline, the change of weather, to the unbelievable amount of music here,” says david.o. “There is 3 events worth going to every night.” From the cocktail napkin that they brainstormed on that night birthed the concept of Chicago Groove.

Looking for mixes from Rick Garcia, Janel Roland, or Alexander East? Chicago Groove’s got that, plus much more.

From the hundreds of Real Player mix sets to check out, picture gallery of all the hottest clubs in Chicago, and the events list - Chicago Groove is a house-heads connection point to the underground house scene in Chicago.

The web site “is about our love of promoting Chicago’s best deejays, music and events, while throwing our own events,” said david.o. “All in all, it’s about fun.” Web developer, Nino Chavez, aka Nino, said, “ The web site simply lets us share our experiences with everyone else.”

With their weekly event on Saturdays at Beviamo Wine bar, and their monthly on the first Saturday of every month at Big Wig, Chicago Groove has booked international talent from Iz & Diz, Lance Desardi, Lady D, Derrick Carter and Mark Grant to name a few.

But Chicago events are, according to david.o, “kind of on a lull right now compared to a few months ago.” Nino said, “Chicago is rich in house music talent. But it’s a small population of house heads with so many events and people trying to make a name for themselves, it spreads the community too thin.” He went on to say, “there are too many times when I hear people say, ‘it’s not like it used to be,’ but I’m not quite sure what that means yet.”

To help remedy that situation, Chicago Groove is “promoting house music all over the city,” according to John Daminato, a local Chicago deejay that has his bio and mix hosted on the site. “By hosting mixes on their own dedicated server, booking local deejays, maintaining residencies and collaborating events with X’ess, they are helping to keep house music thriving.” Another strategy that Chicago Groove takes avoiding a cover charge at their events. “Chicago Groove attendees never have to pay a cover,” says david.o.

Considering that the web site is averaging 300 unique hits a day, the organically-grown concept is practically producing its own fruit. “ It‘s weird when people to come up to me when I am out, saying that ‘ you are david.o,’ and me not knowing them.”

When it comes down to it, whether it be buying records, playing the vulture-game with trying to get gigs, or jumping on any opportunity to promote before others, many deejays in the industry only consume. Nino, david.o, Ramiro and the whole Chicago Groove are creating.

Be sure to check these guys out at Chicago!


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