ac november 2004 goa

intro by todd ~ photo by Hardrive ~  AC is definitely one of the most under-rated DJs by the MidWest Dance & Music scene, but outside of our land-locked area, you will find him playing to audiences cross-country, as well as crowds as far away as Germany, such as the recent Voov Festival. He is not just a DJ though, but also a musician, producer and owner of one of the very record labels in the Central MidWest, 666 Zip Code Town Records. Master of Goa and PsyTrance and most recently, Chillout at phlashback; with an accompanying new release Muladhara, here's a few Goa selections from AC this month, to help give you a better idea of the kind of things you will hear from his record bag.

Phi "Plz Pass Me Beer & Acid" (Elf) A step back to the good old days of full-on beach stompin' acid.

Hydrophonic "A Place Like This" (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) A searing stormer ignighting doofs all over the planet. This is the aural roller coaster from hell as being the most fun your ears can have.

Cronneloctopus "Power Beers" (Unreleased) The sounds of Duff Beer and lysergic insanity wrapped tightly around a throbbing 4/4 beat.

Grapes Of Wrath "Birds Of Prey (Y2k4 Edit)" (Paradiso) Absolute pure sickness for the dance floor. The Grapes are the new masters of the late night madness.

Kode IV "Fall Into My Heart" (Cibea) A dance floor favorite from the home side of the pond. Always in my crate.

Dark Nebula "Lucifer In The Sky Of The Diamonds" (Paradiso) Snivetts take to the dance floor devouring everything in their path, including your mind. A masterfully dark stomper.

Enterprise "Soma" (Tribeadelic) Full-on weird science!

Cameleon "Clear Vision" (Turbo Trance) Unique percussive sounds chip away at your ego and force you to dance like a dervish.

Nomad "Stay Clear" (3D Vision) Frantic synth work weaves in and out of driving percussion to bring your ear wax to a proper boil.

Lazar "Shaggadelic" (Implant) Somewhere in space and time, Timothy Leary and George Clinton gave birth to this blinding piece of psyfunkiness.

AC can be found lurking about his record label web site at


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