cowboy strut

by Brent Crampton ~ image courtesy of ~ Blunted Funk Recordings is a record company based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their fourth release, “Cowboy Strut Ep,” just came out in September and has caught the attention of Lance DeSardi, Luke McKeehan and Jay Tripwire to name a few.

Scottie B is a producer and DJ who has been a part of the deep house community for a decade comes out with his track “Cowboy Strut” which starts off starts off punchy with spacey bleeps. Soon a cool rising melody sets in to break in a deep and penetrating baseline. Once the breakdown hits, an A to B baseline sets in and the kick comes back unannounced to bring the climax of the track with a floating voice stab and spacey quirk sounds. This track definitely has a smooth and refreshing deep tech house sound with a minimal approach.

Ethan’s ‘Army of One’ remix of the “Cowboy Strut” picks up the energy a bit from the last track but with the same dark and melodic appeal. To spice things up a bit, Ethan throws in a dark electro baseline and melodic synths. The break down has a break beat teaser with the rewind effect and then into a heavy percussive groove with a slow approaching acid line that sets the track over the top. Another break down hits with an echoed synth which sends the track into an early morning rocker.

Tommy Moye and Bryan Tyson end the ep with “Oh You Like That” taking on a unique poly rhythm approach. This track is borderline techno with enough strung out keys to keep you coming back to the candy man for more. The break down hits and throws the groove around with climbing and descending keys until the kick drums comes back with a humming baseline. This track is original with slammin’ drums and a peak hour feel.

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