solaris august 2004 techno

photo by todd ~ Since Brent was rather busy this month and thought it was more important to let a dentist gouge out his wisdom teeth, I thought it might be appropriate for me to pick up the slack a little and honor his column idea with some good bangin Techno tracks. Needing some quick answers, I turned to one of our sponsored DJs, Solaris to see if he could throw a few tracks our way. Without further adieu, here's some tracks to take to the dentist chair with you.

CORACHI - PANIC ATTACK - CORACHI7 Something for everyone here, The Rage is definitely bangin’ for the true headz, while the B side has more of a trancy / downtempo and a minimal track. Very versatile and all round good fun.

ORION - DANILO VIGORITTO & D SQUILLACE - ORION005 Very good builder here, some nice sweeps, something we all need to help pick up the pace, or slow it to a chill night on the town.

HYDRAULIX - D.A.V.E. THE DRUMMER & PATTRIX - HYDRAULIX25 Nice mix of techno with the old school flavor. Leave it to D.A.V.E. to pull this one out for a flashback. Definitely worth the trip down memory lane.

HYDRAULIX – VARIOUS - HYDRAULIX24 Here is a nice filler for you, keep an eye out for the B side. Alex has some wicked tricks up his sleeves. Keeps you guessing, your ears perky, and your head bobbing.

GLITCH - ALEX CALVER - GLITCH004 Keep your ears open, alex has brought it back to the days of the early RAW label. This gritty and dirty driver would leave any mom quivering.

HIGHBALL - DJ TOCADISCO - HIGHBALL021 This one sounds like I like to feel when dancing all out. Who needs anything else when you have drivers like this?

CARNAGE - SVEN WITTEKIND - CARNAGE001 Nothing hits home like putting on a track and feeling you teeth clench and your stomach turn for more of this gut wrenching sound. Whatever this guy killed to dig this out his head let me know I need some.

RACETRAX - STERLING MOSS & GUY MCAFFER - RACETRAX003 Guy does it again. It never fails to surprise me how one man can make things like this work so well. The surprise always comes when I think to myself that I would have never thought of placing this together. The bigger surprise is the fact that he made it work so well.

CARNAGE RECORDS - ANDREAS KREMER - CARNAGE04 Andreas is by far the king of the punchy bass. This is meant to kill the floor prime time. Be aware the crowd will be begging for more after you lay this one down.

CLUSTER RECORDS - SANDY WAREZ - CLUSTER64 Another stomper by Cluster. This has got it all! Funky and driving all at once. Its like Santa came by with a gift wrapped box off whoopass for all the bad little DJ’s.


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