august 2004 on decks

Here's what I have received this month on CD. Get me a copy of yours and we will have a listen and post a thought or three up here. Eventually, we may even create some sort of rating system or somthing. Until then, this is what's on the street this month!

AC - Muladhara (DownTempo)
contact: 666 Records

This is quite possibly the best DownTempo I have received, ever. Get your hands on this! It is the first of seven mixes from this internationally known DJ.
DSM - Alien Invasion (Hard Trance)

Good Stuff! I think he said that we was down for the party Essence from Minnesota or something.
Lunatik - Space Docker (Hard House)

After having read Brent's Interview with him, I was anxious to hear him play. (Sorry if I'm wrong about the Hard House thing Lunatik, but.... it's definitely Bangin!)
Offtrack - Learn Your Lesson (Techno)
contact: Tamper Resistant Groove

In your face! Never a dissappointing beat with Offtrack. Of course... I'm kind of partial to Techno anyway.


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