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by Brent Crampton ~ photo by Lady Crisis ~ Lady Espina is an energetic dj based out of Iowa City, IA. Behind the decks, you can find her bringing an unparalleled stage presence. There is only one word to describe the sound of her music - eclectic. She'll bump things ranging from breaks, electro, afro-broken beats and 4-to-the-floor stompers. When she's not representing her sound for the dance floors, you can find her playing electronic and hip-hop tracks on her weekly radio show, every Sunday from 9pm-11pm on KRUI. She is also an affiliate DJ with SheJay and Hip Step Sistaz. It was rather hard for me to get Lady Espina to cough up only ten tracks since she has such an attraction to all types of music, but here is what she dished out.

Anthony Rother presents: In Electro We Trust 3*12" Database Compilation Ltd - Wow. Anthony Rother is a household name for your finest in raw electro beats. This compilation features tracks by artists such as Larry McCormick, Billy Nasty, Dr. Scissors, The Advent, The Hacker and Anthony Rother. Dark electro at its finest, bring on the morbid bass. You will not be disappointed.

Kraftwerk "Aerodynamik" Alex Gopher/Etienne de Crecy Dynamik Mix - EMI Music Publishing Ltd. 12" - Kraftwerk, a name you love and admire. This mix of Aerodynamik" will blow up any dance floor with it's building squelching acid overtones and then a blast in your face you won't know what hit you. A stomper. Additional remixes by Kling Klang and Francois K.

LCD Soundsystem "Yeah" DFA Records 12" - Indie punk rock meets electronica. Released in '03, but still one of my favorites in the bag with the "Crass" version usually tickling my drums and hopefully the ears of others as well.

Leftfield "Leftism" Columbia Records 2*12" - Yes, I said it. Leftfield. Okay, so the album is a decade old, but so what, I've been quite pleased with it every time I hear any song off this pivotal release. If you haven't heard, I'm sorry.

Ellen Allien: "Remix Collection" BPitch Control Records. - Some amazing artists graced by Ellen Allien's special trademark sound. Remixes of Apparat, Barbara Morgenstern, Omr, and Covenant amongst others. Standout tracks include "Let's get in on" by Goldchains and Apparat's " Koax". I'm addicted to this release.

Kill Hannah "Kennedy/Boys and Girls" original and remixes 12" White promo - Tommie Sunshine and Mark Verbos bring on the electroclash with remixes from indie rock group Kill Hannah. Tommie was kind enough to give me this record and I've grown a strong liking to his and Verbos remixing abilities. Still maintaining the essence of the original tracks with added dance floor flair.

Novamen "We love/Dreaming of/There's No Escaping/Sloom" Viewlexx Records presents The Robot is your friend. 12" - Oh how I love thee colored vinyl, let me count the ways. I love the way your blue grooves glisten off the lights in the club, oh and the electro goodness that has been pressed on you ever so finely is a delight to have made acquaintance with as well. Can we get married? A perfect relationship consisting of everything you would want to hear, with no unnecessary noise.

Dave Clarke feat. Chicks on Speed "What was her name?" Blackstrobe mix. Skint Records 12" - Oh yes, this time on delicious pink vinyl. Blackstrobe has been putting out some amazing self releases as well as quality remix work. This fine mix features the Chicks, but without overdrawing there vocalic riot capabilities. The production on this record is outstanding and blows up the floor. Rockin'.

Matthew Dear "Anger Management/Future Never Again" Ghostly International / Spectral Sound 12". - Will those from Michigan ever stop? Doubtfully and hopefully never. Not sure how this one fits in with the rest of my charts, but I love Matthew Dear and his amazing musical talent. Damn fine techno.

James Lavelle "Romania #26" Global Underground 3*12" - Let's be real here, I'm usually not a sucker for the GU stuff, but on occasion and exception is made here and there. Mr. Lavelle has sewn together some fine tracks here featuring producers and musicians such as DJ Shadow, Chemical Brothers w/The Flaming Lips, U.N.K.L.E. himself and Medway amongst others. Progressive house, breaks and hiphop fused quite nicely.
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Check out Lady Espina's profile at SheJay or on HipStep Sistaz and be sure to tune in to the radio show on KRUI - every Sunday night from 9-11 pm Central Time.


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