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by Brent Crampton ~ photo by Jerome Montalto ~ Garrick Michael is the man behind the scenes of Nebraska's top electronic club, Bricktop. Holding a residency and managing the bookings at Bricktop, Garrick is very familiar with the crowd that frequents the hard-wood dance floor. Garrick has been a staple to the Nebraska scene for years having played at Club Joy during the notorious Blue Production events, Bar 415, Velvet Lounge, Shark Club and Bada Bings to name a few. When Garrick finds a track he likes, he's rather secretive about letting other people know what he's bumpin', but I've talked him into giving phocas an exclusive look at what he's moving the dance floors with at the moment.

Jurgen Vries-The Theme :: (trance) Ultimate end of the night track.

Ferry Corsten- Rock Your Body Rock :: (trance) If you don't know this track by now, hand me your headphones, you are no longer a dj.

Paul Van Dyk featuring Vega 4-Time of Our Lives (PVD club mix) :: (trance) Great track, great male vocal.
Chemical Brothers-Get Yourself High :: (breakbeat) hip-hop vocal over dirty breakz. Bass line gets dark and, for a lack of a better term, farty. You will like!

Utah Saints-Power to the Beats :: (breakbeat) Chuck D on vocals. Uses rock riffs throughout.

Agnelli & Nelson-Holding onto Nothing :: (trance) Great female vocal. Driving trance at its best. Everything Agnelli & Nelson doing is good. Scratch that, Platinum!

Way Out West-MuthaFu**a (Mix 1) :: (progressive trance) Unlike anything Way Out West has done before. Pitched up a bit this is a high energy end of the night track.

Plummet-Cherish the Day (Antillas Remix) :: (trance-breaks) Starts out breaks, moves to trance, back and forth till the end. Great builds, great female vocal.

Iio-Smooth (Airbase Remix) :: (progressive trance) Remember Rapture, remember At the End? More great trance by Iio. Quick tid bit. Iio was originally named Vaio since they created all their music on a Sony Vaio laptop. Sony sent a cease and desist letter so they changed their name.

BQQ-Cold as Ice :: (hard house) Vocal from Foreigner. Everyone knows the original so it is always a crowd pleaser.

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