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by Brent Crampton ~ photo by Don Edmundson ~ Don Tinsley is a man in the midwest scene that needs no introduction. Whether it be promotion, dj'ing, producing, or playing in his live house band - Urban Jazz Naturals - Don has all the aspects of the industry covered. Don holds a residency at the weekly event, Sweet Spot at the Pepper Lounge bringing in headlining house acts. He currently has a mix being hosted on the infamous . His band, Urban Jazz Naturals will be playing alongside Demarkus Lewis and JT Donaldson in Chicago on May 7th, and they have an upcoming release on Gallery Music Group from their track entitled "How Can I" which has received reviews from URB and BPM magazine. Don has given us the inside tip on his top 10 rockers of the dance floor at the moment. Don't get to anxious though, you'll have to wait for a bit before you can buy some of these tracks. He's got the promo hook up, and he's been nice enough to provide us with a downloadable mix set, so make sure to check it out.

1.JT Donaldson “Vanguard Nights” Vista - Deep jazzy goodness as only JT can do it
Rithma “Everyone's Sleeping Today” Om - The Jacob London remix is smoking dancefloor material

Don Tinsley & Matt Bandy feat Troy Dillard “New Light” promo - Another awesome vocal by Troy Dillard (watch out for this kid in 2004)

Deep House Soldiers “Summer Love” Limestone Recordings - Never be afraid of a lead

Don Tinsley & Ben Armstrong “Finger Funkin Good” Uniform - The first track released by the Missouri - Arkansas Duo (keep your eyes peeled for the Jason Hodges Remix coming soon)
John Hawley - Funky Business - Bunchlox 08 promo - You will be a Hawleyoholic on first listen, this stuffs worse than crack

Kaskade -Steppin Out (Hawley's Switch it up remix) – promo - Again John Hawley does what he does best
les Jardiniers - Funky Daktari - Society Hill - includes retouches by the man Derrick Carter and they are dope

John Hawley - Sigue la Gente feat. Javante' & Evan Christian – promo - I cant get enough of John Hawley. This smoking promo features live guitar and Latin vocals. A sure classic
Olivier Desmet & Chuck Diesel - Long Term – Siesta - This smooth groovin ditty by west coast allstars will get your hips in motion

To support these artists, go down to your local record store and pick them up. Buy Local – Think global

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You can download Don Tinsley's Mix Set, "Live at LO on 2/4/4" on the Urban Jazz Naturals Web Site or just click here.

Read more about Urban Jazz Naturals at

If you are going to be in St Louis, check here for more information about the weekly event "Sweet Spot".


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