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Preview by Brent Crampton ~ photo courtesy of AM Only ~ It may take a British man to do it, but Adrian Basford is determined to bring back the old-school party vibe to Omaha. ADB, “Absolutely Defining Best Entertainment” is backed by the infamous MC ADB, otherwise known as Adrian. On Friday, May 7th, ADB presents “Stimulus.” Bringing in a taste of Buzz, Scott Henry along with the highly praised DnB dj - Stakka will be headlining the event. Regional talent includes the innovator of Technomaha himself, Dr. Mindbender operating on the crowd with his signature rolling-base style of Goa trance, Omaha’s hardcore guru - Durian and transplanted breaks courtesy of Troy180 from Des Moines.

For those of you who are not familiar with Scott Henry, he has traveled the world playing the best clubs with his deep, dark and tribal style of house and techno. His weekly club night in Washington, D.C. - Buzz, has been voted as America’s #1 weekly event in URB magazine for the past 6 years! Stakka is by no means a sub headliner, hailing from New York, he has been on the cutting edge of production with his label, Cargo Industries. Stakka is sure to please even the most adamant drum and bass aficionado.

The last event ADB threw brought attendance into the 500 range, and Adrian expects no less for this venture. And with a venue that goes until 4 a.m., drinking until 2, ages 18+, free giveaways by Esdjco and $15 at the door - his goal is well within sight.

Click the flyer below to go to the Calendar for more information, or visit SonicFury.net.


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