february 2004 editor note

It's been a year since the last "re:phocas" of this site. Last year was more of a complete overhaul of the look and design.

This year, we really didn't change that a whole lot, aside from slimming things down a little and changing the logo up. As far as re-design goes, sub-menus have been moved to the left column for easier access, not to mention a little better coherency while navigating the site.

I also changed the photo gallery to a pHp package called Coppermine which should help people find what they are looking for much easier. On top of that, users can now can send eCards, make comments and rate the photos.

The big change this year is a move towards a Zine format with relevant articles, reviews and interviews, as well as a few little "of interest" type things. Sure, the photos will still be an integral party of phocas, but they won't necessarily be the focal point (no pun intended).

The phocal point has always been You, the massive, and wil continue to be You for as long as this Zine exists. I hope you like the new format and that you will find something in each forthcoming issue to keep you coming back again and again. It was a labor of love and will continue to be that.

Drop in to the message forum and give us some feedback on the articles and the new layout. We aren't perfect and would most certainly appreciate any criticism you can give us.

Cheers! I'll see you at the next round, I'm certain.



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