stardust 4

Another and I headed up to Chicago for a little rave on the south side for upcoming very first feature story in the new format coming in February 2004. 

A full and awesome lineup included Donald Glaude, Charles Feelgood, Baby Anne, Frankie Bones, Adam X, Heather Hart, Mixin Marc, Danny the Wildchild, Phantom 45, with massive local support from CZR, Adam Peace, DJ Funk, Paul Anthony, Jes One John Curley, Chris Tomason, Submerge 101, Cypher, Diva D, Mike G, Vialgo, Phana C, Inphinity, Limit, Shawn Edwards & MJB, Breakdown B & DJ Justin. 

It was a wild night, but we only stayed until just after Baby Anne.  We headed back to KC shortly after that, half-wishing we had stayed.  


  1. 01.18.2019 ~ #phlashback to a huge lineup in Chicago that included BassQueen Baby Anne 15 yrs back on this #flashbackfriday ... stardust 4 @ Oasis 160 by Global Adrenaline ... more from this event ->


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