Out in Lawrence, a fun little "celebration of music and dance" went down with the Tribal Vision krewe, featuring Alan Paul, Tim Hjersted, Aaron Mac, and T-Kid, along with special guests Sydeburnz, Clandestine, and MC Senseone.

We made it out for just in time for Clandestine, as snow just began to whirl about outside.

We stayed for Tim Hjersted, but with the snow piling up, left shortly after.  It would have been nice to stay for more of Sydeburnz set, but we faced a long treacherous.trek back to KC in lots of snow, and more falling.

The heat was a little weird there, or should I say, the lack-thereof. Body heat and a few disturbingly fire hazardous additions. My lens kept fogging over, but there are a few good shots of the action.


  1. 12.14.2018 ~ #phlashback to Dj Clandestine stirring things up, while the snow piled up, at a little warehouse in lawrence ... zikr ... 15 yrs back on this #flashbackfriday - more from this event @ https://www.phocas.net/2003/12/zikr.html


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