space banger

Another wild night out at the Knights of Pythias, brought to you by The Circus, featured The Enemy from Evol Intent out of Atlanta, Junglistic Behavior from DC and Fayetteville, Kinetic w/ MC Pibb from Dallas, Elements of Bass from St Louis, along with local support from SvS, The Downcast, and The Reverend.


  1. 11.30.2018 ~ #phlashback to a night out at knights of pythis place and a game of Name That DJ. am drawing blanks on those photographed that night, if you can help with a comment or 3 on this event ... featuring "the enemy" from Evol Intent, junglist behavior, DJ Kinetic with Brian Pibb - DJ/MC, elements of bass, svs, the downcast, and the reverend ... space banger ... 15 yrs back on this #flashbackfriday - more from this event @


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