dance til ya plur

On a little more than a whim, a friend and I jumped in the car and headed south to Springfield for a one of a kind event featuring Happy Hardcore!  The all night rave-a-thon featured DJ Flippy from Austin, Poximal from Atlanta, White Russian from Boston, Noi from Winston-Salem, Dazee Cutter w/ MC Pibb out of Dallas, Polar from over in St Louis, Ziggy Trix from Fayetteville along with Elekid and Manny from Chicago.

With a theme featuring the Power Puff Girls, who could resist; not many from that area, and then some from St Louis and Kansas City.  We didn't make it down until around 10 pm, and the party was already in full swing.  It was a fun-filled night indeed.


  1. 09.27.2019 ~ phlashback to Dazee Cutter firing off #hardcore ... Dance Till Ya Plur ... #onthisdate 16 years back this #flashbackfriday


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