chop shop 7

On happenstance, I was invited down to this broken beat gathering.  Down in the west bottoms, it featured an awesome array of local lyrical and turntable and lyrical talent.  It was a good all around event in the round, one the b.Boys and b.Girls loved for the space to move it provided.

The line-up included Spin Styles, Papa-calv, Beat Broker, Tommy Lift, S.G., Ras Reb (my homie), Curv, Sarrot Overflow nemesis, DJ King X on the 1s and 2s, Jake on the Moog, DJ Scheme, and Z-Sonic ... at times, all at once


  1. 09.06.2019 ~ phlashback to @spinstyles doing his thing at an Historic West Bottoms warehouse during Chop Shop 7... #onthisdate 16 years back this #flashbackfriday


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