miss hawaiian tropic international model search 2003 kc finals

The final night was finally here, and all the winners from the previous weekends, alongside their runner-up made one last appearance in their finest, then their own swim wear, and finally in swimwear provided by Hawaiian Tropic.  Only one would go on to the regional contest.  Shotgun Jackson provided his usual distractions on the microphone, with drinks and dancing, courtesy of beats from DJs Steve Thorell and Bill Pile, all around for those that stayed to the very end.

... and if you want to see what led up to this date, the preliminaries ...


  1. 08.24.2018 ~ Shotgun Jackson from 106-5 the WOLF with the winner of the Miss Hawaiian Tropic #Model Search in 2003 for #flashbackfriday ... more photos from that night
    ... https://www.phocas.net/2003/08/miss-hawaiian-tropic-international_24.html


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