videodrome 1.0

A fierce night of Techno through Live PA with producer Adam Jay from Indianapolis, with local DJ support by Konsept and Offtrack.  The event was billed as the "first in a series of video installations dedicated to the idea of modern technology in art and music."   Video producer VJ Ones projected images throughout much of the space, with the intent "to convey a feeling or mood, using modern day multi-media" with a backdrop of Techno in this Videodrome.


  1. 06.28.2019 ~ #phlashback to a psychedelic view of video work by vj ones, and a personal favorite ... Videodrome 1.0 ... #onthisdate 16 years back this #flashbackfriday

  2. 06.26.2020 ~ phlashback to one of our most favorite shots of all time captured during a 1st time music and video art presentation from VJ Ones during Videodrome 1.0 ... on this last friday in June, 17 years back this #flashbackfriday ...


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