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The weekly event at Kabal turned out quite a crowd on the news that a very special guest might be dropping by for a visit.  The basement was packed when singer-songwriter, producer, activist, and actress Erykah Badu made the scene to get her groove on with several hundred adoring fans.

Erykah was part of the party for a couple of hours, as if she was just anyone else walking in off the street.  Of  course a lot of folks wanted photos with her, and she did have the escape of the VIP area.  It was definitely a something that many will never forget, and I was glad to be there and capture some photos of the fun!


  1. Quoted with permission, from DJ Shad on Facebook ...

    I remember this event like it was yesterday. At this event, I Dj'ed for Erykah Badu and Mininster Benjamin Chavis aka Benjamin Muhammad 16 years ago on this day.

    Here is the story on how it happened. I was hanging out with Mike 2600 and Joe B in STL on April 3, 2003 because I was planning to relocate there due to fustrations in Kansas City with the radio/clubs/daily life.

    I get a call from Steven D Carson on April 4 about could I Dj an event for Erykah Badu at Kabal because the previous night Eddie Griffith snapped at the Dj's for not playing Hip Hop.

    I was like I'm in STL, he was like, you need to come back to do this. So then Siamack the owner calls and was like can you do this. I was still iffy but I decided to do it. I hit up a few record spots in STL and headed back to KC to pick up my friend Jason Reese(R.I.P).

    I picked him up and headed to the spot to set up at 6 PM. I start to play and kept the party rocking because she was going to be late.. Around 8:00 Erykah makes a grand entrance and starts to kick it hard. Around 8:45, I see Dr. Chavis come down the stairs and I was worried about what I was playing, but he kicked it.

    My homie Jason was like drop some classic soul joints, so I started rocking 80's R&B and he was dancing. Erykah and Dr. Muhammad start to talk in the side room and around 10, I get a tap on the shoulder that the "House Guys" wanted to play so I played my last joint and Jason and I went to speak with Mr. Muhammad.

    He was like," You have a gift, I never dance and you had me rocking, doors are going to open for you." He took a picture afterwards with us and said "Thank you for Dj'ing."

  2. 04.05.2019 ~ #phlashback to a surprise appearance from Erykah Badu, dropping in on Kabal to get her groove on in #kcmo ... 16 years back this #flashbackfriday ... more photos from this event @


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