phocas bbq beatz v1.0

The very first of several events hosted by, and the first BBQ'd Beatz in the Augest afternoon shade.  It was the place to be, and the place to be crazy all night long.  Nearly anyone that was anybody in the Electronic Dance Music industry in Kansas City was there; promoters, DJs and dancers.  The official line-up included Andy, Bucho, cQuence, D.Day, Traci_Dub, Ben Fuller, Joe Kochen, ATMullen, Nasty Nate, Nitro, RJ Bass, Offtrack, Solaris, True, & Velvin.

Recordings of the most of the event are also available below (about 9 hours of music).  The first three hours (the backyard sessions) were not uploaded to MixCloud though.  The sound is simply awful. Somebody had the gain cranked.  That first part is available separately, if somebody knows how to fix it.


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event photos feb.04

event photos aug.04