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spin n grin

One of the first evens at a brand new venue in a long time, featuring Phatrabbit - North Carolina, DJ Booth - KC, David Braswell - KC, Eric Kverplassen - Anchorage, Kennedy - Omaha, Krillin - KC, Trickyfish - Kirksville & Jonny Tremain - KC view more photos from this event

666 zipcode town rekkids picnic

A little company picnic for 666 ZipCode Town Rekkids, to showcase some of their talent, along with fire-spinning and eating by Veronica the Fire Vixen, featuring Offtrack, Sara Lee, Sku, Clandestine, Sydeburnz & AC. view more photos from this event

jell-o party

A fun little House Party out in Lawrence, featuring a multitude of Jell-O shots and the following DJs...Synnister, Nasty Nate, DJ True, Andrew Boie, Tsunami & Drew.   view more photos from this event

vibalicious 4

An all-night rave and camp-a-thon in the woods of southeast Missouri featuring...  DaJae - Live Vocalist - Kid Dynomite - Chicago  /  DJ ESP aka Woody McBride - Communique, Bush , Mile High - Minneapolis  /  Simply Jeff - Breakbeat Massive CD Release Tour - Phonomental Music, Moonshine - Los Angeles  /  DJ Champ - Boogie Knights, Powerhouse - San Francisco  /  Maxwell Edison - Disco House - DusTraxx - Chicago  /  Dino - Deep House - Boogie Knights - Chicago  /  The Hot House Sessions (DJ Alexis, Chris Hanson & Friends) - Rue 13 - St Louis  /  Jim K & Jamie D - DnB Tag Team - Bionic Crew, Revolve Records - St Louis  /  DJ Booth - Speed Garage - KC  /  Rob Lee - Trance - KC  /  Tony Foo Young - Disco Breaks - Kentucky  /  Bodaleg - Boogie House - Boogie Knights  /  Dankskii - Doctor Trance - Boogie Knights   /  DARB - Trance - Boogie Knights  /  Trevor - Deep Groove - Boogie Knights  /  Gadjit - DnB - Boogie Knights view more photos from this event

jillys tuesday

DJ Atom kicks off a new Tuesday night at Jilly's, with a solid line-up of local guests.   view more photos from this event

where its at

One of the finest events to happen near Lawrence, hosted by the Tribal Vision krewe, an all-night rave on the patio and out by the shed. Main Stage:  Konsept - TJL,  L*Str - TekNet, Elements - Live PA & Decks, DJ Christ - Subsurface, NI-KanD - OMCP, Mas-One - Tribal Vision, T-Kid - Tribal Vision, Nipplz - Tribal Vision, Guru Soul - Tribal Vision, Siddhartha - Tribal Vision Renegade Area: Sydeburnz, Synnister, Andrew Boie, Shane, Spynz view more photos from this event