capricorns delight

I was invited to a party in a downtown penthouse called Capricorn's Delight; a birthday party in honor of local DJ Solaris and a girl known only as Shadie.  If I recall it was Solaris that lured me in, intimating that if I really wanted to see inside, I should come.

Arriving at Capricorn's Delight,  I announced my arrival by shattering my gift of a giant bottle of J├Ągermeister on the floor.  Of course, someone immediately attempted to dub me with the nickname of "J├Ąger," which would have been acceptable enough , except I was already known as "that phocas guy."  Cleaning up the mess and taking a short tour around the facilities, I got a chance to meet a few folks, until Kansas City's Finest arrived, complaining about their lack of invitation.  They were polite and considerate about the whole thing, and simply asked that everyone pack it up and relocate.  As a result, the Penthouse Party transformed and relocated as a House Party out south.

Although not quite as nice as looking out over the city, the new location provided a bit more comfortable environment to chill for the remainder of the night.  Arriving at the new location, I was immediately accosted by what would turn out to be one of my most loyal backers, and good friend, DJ NuSkool.  He was a bit confused at my attendance, what I had been up to, and demanded to know if I was a cop.  I told him No, and asked if he was.

Agreeing that we were both harmless in that regard, we stormed the house together.  So many kids and so many DJs lit up the house that night that my mind still reels a bit.  I only recall now from the photos and friendships made that night with folks carrying some of what seemed like the most bizarre of names; DJs  Paul Wicked, DotCom, Velvin, and even Shandi.

There were some interesting conversations that night, and I really didn't meet a single person that I didn't care for; all were intensely fascinating in their own way, accepting irregardless of the obvious age difference, and overall just a lot of fun to hang out with.  I got a chance to finally meet the infamous DJ Solaris, who I had only talked with online.  He was late, having missed the early situation with KC's Finest.

Sometime in the early am, I decided it was time to head home though.  The DJs had played their hardest and loudest.  People were beginning to glaze over and fade into the corners of the house, yard, and points beyond; as well, their own imagination.  They had partied hard and danced hard, and the morning light was threatening on the horizon.  It had been fun, and I knew I was on to the right group of folks, but still felt needed to find a little more ... shall we say, diversity?


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