a machine for living

A huge party at the El Torreon Ballroom, once one of the premier concert venues in Kansas City; now, a church.  The event, "A Machine for Living," promoted by local record store DeepFix Records, offered an intense of night of technical performances from John Selway and JT Donaldson, along with a host of some of the finest local talent that Kansas City had to offer.

Dark and intense, the party lasted until 3 am, and I was there for the entire show.  Everyone danced, except those that could no longer.  I was amazed and secretly thrilled that people would come together like this for no other purpose; well, there were some other purposes, but they lurked on the fringes.  I was prepared with battery power this time and managed to get quite the collection of photos of the event, as it unfolded.

Room 1 ... John Selway - New York - Ultra, IN-TEC  /  JT Donaldson - Los Angeles - Seasons Recordings  /  Offtrack - KC - Techno Justic League, Solo, DF  /  Zack Smith - Springfield, Afterhours  ///  Room 2 = Drum & Base Showcase ... cQuence, James Bond, Ben Fuller, edw!n


  1. 01.11.2019 ~ #phlashback to a favorite shot in a pile of favorites from an event featuring John Selway, JT Donaldson, Wstendgrl aka Cquence, james bond, ben fuller, edw!n and special guest, don't remember ... "a machine for living" at El Torreon KC ... 17 yrs back this #weekend on this #flashbackfriday - more from this event @ https://www.phocas.net/2002/01/a-machine-for-living.html


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