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doodle dood chat

Stumbling upon a mural-in-progress at one of the most unlikely places in Kansas City, we paused for a moment to talk with the artist about the project.  The painting was going up on the side of some relatively new residential townhouses and featured an interpretation of the Kansas City Chiefs.  The artist was engaged in getting the mural outlined, while his girlfriend supported his efforts lounging in the afternoon sun.   It was really exciting to see this type of work going up in the 'burbs, rather than the usual dilapidated downtown structure.  Reaching out to the artist later, we asked if he would be interested in doing a brief email interview about the project and himself.  Evan Brown, tell us about yourself and background ... I am a Kansas City based painter and illustrator with an absolute and utter obsession with what I do.   After graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in Illustration, I formed Doodle Dood LLC, a business that centers around my desire to use