Friday, May 15, 2020

levee town hideout

After a long road trip, I stopped in on The Hideout for some refreshment, and had the opportunity to enjoy local band Levee Town.  It has been quite a few years since I first heard these guys play, and I am sorry to have lost so much time.

Time was short, and travels of the day had left me weary, so this brief clip is all there is.  It is a shame, since it was a free show, which normally does not happen.

They do have a couple of dates set in the near future.  Check their web site for more info.

Friday, May 01, 2020

gathering at pillsbury

A search for a unique Kansas landmark found a small gathering at the site.  

All were practicing the best social distancing they could achieve in said situation.  

Small groups of less than 10 were loitering about, none of which intermingling really.

 It all seemed reasonable enough, on a warm and overcast day, after weeks of confinement.


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The Library of Congress recently launched Citizen DJ, a project by Brian Foo developed during his time as an Innovator-in-Residence at the Library of Congress. Inviting the public to create music using the Library’s public audio and moving image collections, the Library hopes listeners can discover items in the Library's vast collections that they likely would never have known existed.  It is an immersive experience quickly increasing in popularity around the world recently, but has been used in a lot of gaming systems over the last couple of years.


Limitations on life open new possibilities for the exploration of accessible classes, projects, and performances across the globe. Ten professional dancers share their insight on what is working, what is not, and the potential for new audiences, while Dancing Alone Together.


One of the persistent questions in cosmology is the speed of expansion of the universe, and the rate at which it is increasing.  A paper last published in Physical Review D, two collaborators reasoned expansion would speed up as more dark matter decayed over time.  Currently, with no way to prove the theory, it remains a wait and see situation.


Offering a different sort concept tattoo, Sasha Unisex of St Petersburg designs brightly colored prismatic watercolor skin art.  Detailing her process through social media channels, Sasha offers the option of trying out her designs through print or temporary tattoos, before committing permanent ink.


A glance back at the apprehension and mistrust associated with the pandemic of 100 years ago. "The influenza pandemic did long-lasting damage to relationships in some American communities." and history seems to be repeating itself in approach and attitudes.


The restoration process is complete. All event photos and articles are fully restored.  The backstory is discontinued in favor of writing on specific events within already existing associated blog posts.  

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