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fresh babylon renaissance

Just as the summer was beginning to cool down, events in the area heated up in September 2004.  "I," an up and coming local band kicked off the month, debuting at Davey's on a Thursday.  The following evening we sneaked in a walkabout on First Firday, dropped in on Chakra, making one last stop at a birthday party downtown late into the night. Meanwhile, Miss Monkey was up in Chicago enjoying Moonshine on Friday.  Saturday, she spent a bit of time at BigWig and Smartbar, while we enjoyed Ty Tek and a little Bliss at the Grand Emporium.  Her ultimate goal in all of this took the stage Sunday, with the Chicago House Music Association Launch Party and Softball Tournament. In Kansas City, the same night, a Hip-Hop music event protesting then sitting President Bush, and the month was only getting started. That weekend Mark Farina came to Kansas City with his "Live at OM" Tour, turning Kabal inside out.  A stop in on Chakra kicked off that evening, that