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castles caves and thunderbirds

A bit more diversity in the content for the site, and some new angles appeared in the lens, thanks to Joe and Kourtney, in July 2004.  They brought a different view of the party at a couple of events, and I had a chance to drop in on something different here and there. The second day and first Friday of the month , I checked in on Frisky to dig a little Pat Nice for while, before heading over to the Point for that little party in the basement.  Meanwhile, Joe spent most of his night and part of the morning out at a little shindig in Independence. Thunderbirds filled skies above Kansas City the following day, and I dropped in for some photos.  There were only a few though, since I forgot to recharge the camera from the night before. B*U*S*H played at the weekly Evolution at Davey's.  Otherwise, there just was not much going on that week.  Everyone was looking forward to the weekend though. Essence lit up the Stray Cat that Friday with Heather Hart, while loca