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spin kaliki grin

Closing out the year of 2003 was a bit more work than originally thought.  The number of events were equitable to July, and a standard for the coming year. It all started harmlessly enough at a neighborhood spot, with a new event for those in the northland called Northern Soul.  It was just a few blocks from home, so definitely an advantage, especially since it snowed just as we were leaving. It was an omen for the rest of the month in KC, where cold and bitter weather found its way into nearly every weekend.  We managed to stay warm enough though, dancing our way through the month, until the last beat dropped well into the New Year. A few others and I gathered for another showing at Undaground Illastrations the next night.  This little even was really beginning to gain some traction, in spite of its distance from the regular First Friday.  An indoor art showing, with cocktails, was much more preferable to wandering the Crossroads. We headed over to the Empire