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art groove prophecy

As winter began to grab hold of the city, events continued to ramp up, back in November 2003. Folks wanted to be out, not stuck in the house!  It would only escalate throughout season, and that was not necessarily a bad thing. The month kicked off with a dirty little affair featuring Jungle music and Art, but ended up getting busted up by KC's finest.  I don't think anyone got arrested, but there were a few tense moments, and everyone kind of laughed about it later. The Original Low Riders came to town a few days later, featuring most of the members of the band previously known as War.  It really was quite a bit of fun, and a decidedly different crowd.  Everyone was up out of their seats dancing. I made of couple of unique stops too.  The Place was starting to host a few events, for the spiritually-minded.  A little spot down in Westport called the Main Street Cafe held a fundraiser too, that they asked me to stop in on. A few days after that, it was back down

zombie halloween

But is it really?  Crawling out of their graves, the dead put on their boogie shoes and got on the dance floor to party like it was 1979! Local disco cover band Boogie Wonderland brought the stars of the era back to life, keeping the dance floor full all night long.  Zombies, Cheerleaders and Ghostbuster were getting down in the aisles, and out in the playground at Knuckleheads, during a warm night to remember in the east bottoms of KC. Having caught their act a month or so ago at Depot # 9, and really digging the show, we were determined to get back out there and see if what we had originally experienced was only fluke.  It was not.  They brought all the energy of the last show we saw, and then some. We could not have asked for a better evening either.  Having been in the 80s F earlier in the day, and with the warmth lingered throughout the night, everyone got a bit more involved with dressing for the occasion.  Indeed, I think everyone was in costume. The show