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a summer to remember

If you have not been keeping up, there have been several months of photographs restored since we last spoke.  This backstory column needed to be on hold for a little while.  Summer took over, is still pretty much ruling that domain, along with a few too many events to keep up with, and starting a couple of new publications. With all of that going on, now seemed as good as time as any to pause and reflect a little on that restored for the summer of 2003, through August. We left off discussing April 2003.  The number of events covered literally exploded from that point on, for the remainder of the summer, and beyond. There were quite a few new interesting events, and some very memorable raves and/or rave-like affairs in and around Kansas City and the Midwest. Represent was one such event. The event was very likely the biggest legal and legitimate rave to happen in Kansas City.  All others before, during the same time, or even after, paled in comparison with this massiv