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stones zip code tour kc

We had a great time at The Rolling Stones, but had to leave before the first encore.  Other plans were in the making for the morning hours, related to a trip across the southeast United States.  The Rolling Stones ZipCode Tour 2015 was a great way to kick off a little vacation time and get our road trip on. The whole affair was at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO. Special Guest Ed Sheeran was not particularly interesting; to me, that is.  He made a second appearance in the later show too, with the Stones.  I don't remember what song it was.   Check out the video collage on the YouTube below. view more photos from this event

vibe n spin

The summer was starting to heat up, and there seemed to be a party around every corner, during July 2002.  It was impossible to make them all, but I managed to capture the best of the best. The very first weekend, after running out to St Louis for Beat the Drums 2, a huge gathering took place outside of Lawrence.  The event was the third in a series put on by TribalVision.  I had not had the opportunity to attend the previous events, but it didn't take away from the fun.   A line up full of regional talent, with a Renegade Stage by local message forum Syde-Sho, keep everyone dancing through the night.  I was not one of those.  The previous weekend had taken much out of me, and it was long drive home. Another weekly show kicked off at Jilly's on Broadway.  Initially, started by local DJ Atom, he quickly joined forces with others to bring in all sorts of local talent from the metro area, along with those from Lawrence, Topeka, and regional points beyond were show

in plainsong tour kc

The Smashing Pumpkins came to town, and I had an opportunity to catch the show down at the Midland Theater in Kansas City.  It was pretty good show, but didn't quite meet the expectations of many, who apparently expected a bit of the old flair.  I had read up on the tour a bit, and had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into.  Billy Corgan is pretty much all that is left of the fierce sound that once captivated youth across the nation.  At times others played along on bass, but it was pretty much Billy and a beat box. We arrived late, so I am not really sure if there was a warm-up act.  It was not your typical length of performance; this one went on for 3 hours. view more photos from this event

essential loud beat spirit

The annual Kansas City Spirit Festival returned in June of 2002, and for the first time hosting an Electronic Music Showcase , coordinated by Subsonic Sound & POD Productions. It was a huge success showcasing only the very best local talent from a wide array of other krewes like Nightbreed, Good Times Records, Techno Justice League, SpaceTribe, and the Simply Soul Syndicate.  I only made it out for one day, but it was an afternoon and evening to be remembered.  The tent attracted folks from all parts; likely because it was the only venue on the grounds that anyone was dancing and having such a great time.  It was also right near one of the entrances to the festival, so it was kind of hard to miss. If you did, you were deaf and blind.  A small follow-up after-party on the second night held at The Empire Room, hosted much of the same talent, and was just as much fun. That was really the only significant event in Kansas City that month though, as the party seemed to divert to