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platinum express at the isle

We dropped in for a little dancing at the Isle of Capri, when one of our favorite bands made one of their many regular appearances. It was a fun night, but we only took a few photos with the phone. We were much too busy dancing. For those not familiar with the band, they are one of Kansas City's best! A full brass section, playing some of the best tune from the 60s and 70s, their stage performance is second to none. They have quite a following and have a special knack for getting folks out of their seats and dancing. On this night, just a few days before Halloween, many of the troupe were decked out in costume; hence, the strange praying mantis on trumpet.

kc indian festival 2011

We stopped in for another round of Native American dance, food, and culture.  This is always a very relaxing and fun event, with an opportunity to discover much of the history and ways of Native American culture. Arriving late, we missed many of the traditional dance performances, but did catch one in particular; the hoop dance.  As well, had an opportunity to dance in the circle. view more photos from this event